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Aug 2, 2012

2nd August 2012


The Bi-Folding doors stayed open virtually all of last week in the sunshine giving a feel good factor as the garden became part of the living area.

With clear skies stretching down over the sea off Dawlish Warren it certainly helped recharge the batteries after all the wet weather we have had.




Jul 11, 2012

11th July 2012


The easily manageable back garden now has a blanket of fresh turf.


The extension is proving to be a success because of it’s size and shape, whether you are taking coffee on your own in the sunshine or throwing a party for   23 people.

Jun 5, 2012

5th June 2012

With exterior works now underway including painting, fencing and landscaping, 81 is settling down nicely with it’s new look.



May 17, 2012

17th May 2012

With the Cedral Weatherboard now complete, the property is being used to it’s full extent to observe whether any alterations to electrical sockets or heating can help improve the performance of number 81,  before the final decoration is carried out and the wooden floor laid.




All on one level.



Apr 24, 2012

24th April 2012

With the plastering now complete and decorating under way, the natural light and space of the extension is now bringing a feel good factor that you wouldn’t have got from a 1960’s bungalow.

But, most importantly this new living area is maintaining a constant comfortable temperature even before the central heating system is connected into this space.




Apr 8, 2012

8th April 2012

With the first fix plumbing electrical and TV/speaker cabling in place plastering will go ahead in the next week.

Mean while the connection with the old and the new is starting to take shape.

Apr 3, 2012

The extension

The extension

The foundations have now been laid along with the block & beam floor

The walls and roof construction are due to start next week 12th March.

The past six working days have gone well, partly because of good weather and partly because of the organisation and estimating skills of GB Ltd,  but mainly, because of the hard work put in by the on site carpenter.

Today the roof is having the insulation installed and the weather proof membrane applied.

I have opted to install a Sarnafil warm roof construction. The insulation is laid on top of the roof deck, outside of the envelope of the building.

The insulation is mechanically fix to the deck using thermally broken screws and washers.

A coat of adhesive is applied to the insulation and allow to partially dry. Adhesive is then applied to the back of the weather proof membrane, before being laid over the insulation.

The edges of the Sarnafil are hot welded to the metal trim which is mechanically screwed to the timbers supporting the fascia boards. Decorative strips are then applied to finish the job.

With the scaffolding now down the next step is to glaze the windows and make the building water tight in order to allow insulation & plastering works to begin.

Insulating and applying the foil face vapour check is now under way, before fixing the dry lining boards.

Attention to detail is now at it’s highest level to ensure air tightness and the limiting of any possible cold bridging.

3rd April 2012



Apr 3, 2012

Single Level Living

Single Level Living

I’ll be adding news here about the build on a regular basis.

My intention for writing these details of the refurbishment of the existing building and the construction of the extension, is to inform and make you aware of what can be achieved with what could be regarded as a very ordinary property that has had very little changed within it’s walls for the last 30 years or more.

The existing building

Having gained planning permission in late October for a contemporary lounge diner extension to the rear of the property, work was able to start reconfiguring the bedrooms and washing facilities as well as raising the kitchen ceiling within the existing building.

Lifting the kitchen ceiling and fixing a roof window is a relatively quick job but messy, the end result gives a feeling of space and light, transforming the area into a place to enjoy preparing food.

The existing lounge diner has been split into number 2 & 3 bedrooms with additional electric sockets fitted.

The existing second bedroom has been transformed into an en-suite bathroom that offers bigger than normal dimensions to the central area, bath and vanity unit.

The existing bathroom has been converted into a wet room, with a mains pressure hot water walk in shower.

A new condensing boiler is sited in the garage and the new hot water cylinder is fixed as close to the shower and bath of the en-suite, to minimise water wastage when showering and running a bath.

WC’s cisterns have been adjusted to use the minimum amount of water required.

All skirting boards have been removed to allow gaps between the floor and walls to be filled, preventing drafts and cavity walls and the roof space insulated.